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Practical Home Improvement - Soundproofing Techniques

One of the most welcomed, and most valuable, of all home improvements is creating a quieter world in which to live. We all know that the modern world is a noisy place, and making it a little bit quieter will go a long way.

There are many techniques for soundproofing a single room or an entire home, and which ones are appropriate will depend in large part on the location of the home, the nature of the noise problem, and of course the budget of the homeowner.

For new construction, one of the most effective noise proofing techniques is to stagger the location of the doorways so that they are not directly opposite one another. This will keep the sound from traveling directly across hallways and reverberating around the home. It is also a good idea for at least one quarter of each room to include some sort of absorbent material, be it carpet, curtains, or furniture. It is also possible to install a soundproofing mat on the walls and the ceilings.

If noise from squeaking floors on the upper floor is the problem, it can be solved by taking down the ceiling on the lower floor and placing triangular wood strips on the flooring above and an the floor joists. In addition, liquid adhesive can be used to keep the flooring from moving around and causing squeaks.

Another popular soundproofing technique is to use two sets of disconnected wall studs to frame back to back walls. In addition, the use of fiberglass installation will help to absorb sound.

For traditionally framed houses, the wall framing and the covering drywall will transmit noise from through the wall to the other side. This is because the wall studs transfer the noise which bounces off the drywall in one room through the stud and into the drywall which is mounted on the back of the same stud in the other room.

Simply by inserting fiberglass installation bats, the sound will be dampened but not completely eliminated. For greater noise elimination, it will be necessary to use separate studs for each wall, therefore stopping the noise from being transmitted room to room.

Using double paned glass and vinyl frames for windows is another good way to soundproof a home. These double paned windows will cost a little bit more, but they are worth it in the long run. Adding shutters to the interiors of the window can be a big help as well.

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