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Window Dressing from the Outside Looking In

Window coverings are important to the overall look and feel of a room, of course, but when designing window treatments, don't forget to take into consideration what your overall design will look like from the outside of your home.

As a general rule, window coverings should all be of a similar coloring, which will significantly improve the look of your home’s exterior. For instance, a house with a blue-curtained window on one side and one with yellow curtains on the other won't look harmonious from a curbside viewpoint.

Your window dressing colors should also harmonize with the home’s outside color scheme. For instance, white-lined draperies are generally too light for dark–painted exteriors, while small printed designs, such as white on white, can be effective for adding greater interest to the outside view of a plain house.

Draperies lined with light pale yellow make a house glow at night. If that’s your desired effect, even sheer white or lace panels can be tinted with a pale yellow dye. If you use a patterned material, lining patterned window coverings with a heavy lining fabric stops the pattern from shining through at night when the lights are on.

For privacy without bulky fabrics, etched or stained glass windows can also be great investments. You can learn the art of stained glass fairly easily, and though the stained glass windows my husband and I made for our home may not be perfect, those imperfections make them more special to us than the ones we had professionally made.

Incorporating jewels into windows adds sparkle and rainbow-like effects to a room. Etched glass designs, made with rubberized stencil paper and sandblasting, is easier to do than creating stained glass windows. Etched windows look great from the street, adding an extra touch of elegance and class to the exterior appearance of your home.

Creating great-looking rooms that make people feel warm and happy is an important part of decorating, but no matter what style of home you live in, you can greatly improve its overall allure by also paying special attention to how your window treatments look from the street.

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